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Kakanfo Inn and Conference Centre serves freshness and class at Bawa Continent
Jul 23, 2022 / Comments / by Akinwale Aboluwade - Oyo Reporters
The ambiance is cool, green, classy, and relaxing with compelling lyrics coming from the music box. The hut is nicely built with bamboo sticks. Beside the creative tropical village setting sits a fountain of water, and lying opposite the structure is a chess set with an array of puns and officers assumably set for a world-class tournament.

The restaurant, named after Mr. Bawa, an Indian and first Managing Director of Kakanfo Inn and Conference Centre, Mobil Ring Road, Ibadan, was launched on Sunday, July 17. 

The new attraction sits within Awero Garden, which is situated at the back of the imposing block of Kakanfo Inn and the Pool Bar. The arena is a spectacle that fuses tradition with modernity. 

In an interview with Oyo Reporters, the Chairman, Kakanfo Inn and Conference Centre, Mr. Adedamola Are, who conceptualised the restaurant, said, “This is the Bawa Continent; it is a domestic and international continental restaurant featuring foods from all continents in a leisure setting, featuring outdoor African traditional art with really fine cuisine. 

“You can have a delicious Sunday brunch at Bawa Continent, Awero Garden.”

On the tradition of changing some of the features at Kakanfo Inn and Conference Centre from time to time, Are said that “We always try to re-invent ourselves. We have a lot of fresh competition and vibrant ideas in Ibadan and this (Bawa Continent) is one of those features that we decided to introduce that is very different from what everybody has. 

“We have seen so many new outfits but nothing looks as natural as this. We have attempted to recreate a tropical African village by the seaside and we named it Bawa Continent after our longest serving MD, Mr Ajay Bawa.

“It opened officially last Sunday and we have completed the test runs and training. We open for lunch and dinner every day and feature a sumptuous Sunday Brunch every week.”

Are said that there were still more to come, stressing that “We can’t stop at this. If you want something fresh, different, relaxing, good food, peaceful in a safe environment, come and try Bawa Continent. You will be pleased; you will definitely be pleased.”

Those who visited the arena during its inauguration testified that it is a refreshing site where a wide range of delicious cuisines – both local and international – are being served in a courteous way. 


Reprinted with permission

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