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Kakanfo, Rotary give optical service to 800 girls
Jun 23, 2014 / Comments / by Punch Newspaper - May 24, 2014
Kakanfo Inn and Conference Centre, Ibadan, on Thursday organised an eye clinic for 800 girls from St. Teresa’s College with the University College Hospital, Ibadan, Department of Community Eye Outreach Clinic, providing medical personnel and technical services for the programme.

Tagged “Eye Outreach Programme,’’ the project, which is running for the second year, is being executed in partnership with the Rotary Club, Ibadan Jericho Metro.

The Chief Executive Officer and Executive Director, Kakanfo Inn and Conference Centre, Adedamola Are, said the project was aimed at giving children the culture of eye screening and helping them to detect optical problems early in life.

“We are a major partner with Rotary Club on the Eye Outreach project which gives opportunity to people to have eye test early enough to prevent damage or blindness.

“Early detection is the best way to stop a medical problem and provide appropriate solution to it. Kakanfo, as a company, has committed much in cash, resources and space to this project. It is a project that involves lots of planning and time, so partnering with Rotary Club has made the job easier.”

On the choice of St. Teresa’s College, Are said that it was only a coincidence that the school came up as the centre for the project.

He said, “We did not just decide to choose girls as our target. This is one of the phases we have outlined. Our plan is to visit as many as 12 schools in a year and have the exercise done in each of them. The last school we visited was a mixed school.

“UCH comes into the project as an important partner. The medical team comes with optical test equipment. The hospital’s medical team is responsible for the test for the pupils and making recommendations based on the results.

‘‘This project is not only designed for school children alone. The general public will benefit from it soon. We are using the school at the initial stage because the pupils can be easily reached.

“To expand it beyond this stage will involve more fund and personnel, but we will eventually get to that point if we sustain the zeal.’’

The Rotary President, Dr. Ademola Idowu, emphasised the importance of the project, adding that more of the philanthropic gesture would eradicate many problems from the society.

Idowu said, “Many people who have chronic eye problems would not have been in those conditions if their problems were detected early. These pupils will benefit greatly from this project but this is just one of the many ways individuals and groups can help the society.

“We have a huge population with many who are less-privileged. Those who have the means should emulate this gesture and help those in need.”

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