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5 reasons to lodge in our suites
Jul 19, 2014 / Comments / by Blog Author
Hotel suites are cost effective than getting two separate hotel rooms, especially for people sharing a room for business or family travel. Unlike other hotels where the impressive lobby may mean a small room, our suites at Kakanfo Inn are all about space and room amenities.

1. More Room to Stretch Out

For a few extra naira, hotel suites offer more space for visitors to stretch out and relax. Often times, the hotel suites will include a small living area with table, chairs and a sofa-bed. The bedroom area will often times be divided, either with a partial or full partition.

Depending on the size of the room, it can be studio or a 1 bedroom. For parents, hotel suites give parents more space for cribs, luggage and toys. For business travellers, the extra space can

give room mates extra space to relax.


2. Appealing Business Features

Our hotel suites have certain amenities that appeal to business travellers. These business amenities include: free or low cost in-room high speed Internet access, Wi-Fi, work desks, faxing/copying services, voicemail, and access

to conference and or meeting rooms.


3. Mini Dining Area

For people who like to keep cold drinks or some snacks nearby, most major hotel suite rooms have a small fridge and a microwave. Some suites hotels even include a full size kitchen, with

plates, a dishwasher, a stove and utensils. Travellers can reduce their food costs by buying groceries or

reheating leftovers.


4. Other Dining Options

Our suites also include free breakfasts, which can also help families and business travellers save money. We also offer room service as well, for travellers who want meals served in their rooms and some chains even include free chops.

Although our hotel may not feature as many in house dining options, we are centrally located to nearby local or national restaurant chains for your delight.


5. Additional Hotel Suite Amenities

Our Kakanfo inn hotel have a pool and fitness centre. We also offer some sort of laundry or dry cleaning service, where the items are delivered back to room after pick up. Suite hotels

also usually always have a TV, sometimes plasma or LCD, with different cable or satellite movie channels. 

5 reasons to lodge in our suites
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