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A Letter to our Guests on the reopening of KICC and COVID-19
Jun 01, 2020 / Comments / by Kakanfo Inn Management
Dear Guest, Over the last couple of months, the Government, Organizations, and indeed all of us have taken measures to control the spread and effects of the coronavirus pandemic. Strict lockdown policies were implemented, with adherence encouraged and even enforced.

However, all these were done with one eye on the ailing economy, as such, the initialization and subsequent elongations of the lockdown were all tough decisions for the Government, and hard on the rest of us.

Bearing in mind the critical economic situation we find ourselves as a nation, the Federal Government of Nigeria, through​ the​ Presidential Task Force on COVID-19 has​ decided to ease the lockdown and further lower restrictions on movement.

It​ is​ however​ important to note here that the virus has not suddenly disappeared.​ Therefore,​ we​ cannot afford to​ become nonchalant in our care, safety, and precautionary measures. If anything, the new ease of movement​ should​ make us all the more careful and safety-conscious.

In light of this, KAKANFO INN AND CONFERENCE CENTRE will be re-opened fully and will commence operations in earnest.​

Our goal is to do business as safely as we can-safety is now the new priority. Please observe all health and safety policies pasted around our premises. Directives on physical distancing, use of face​ masks​ and hand sanitizers, personal hygiene, and other safety protocols are to be regarded and complied with by both our Team members and you,​ our​ customer. It is for the safety of all.

Stay safe and continue to follow health protocols.

Adedamola Are
Chairman & CEO

Kakanfo Enterprises Limited

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