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Places to visit in Ibadan
Nov 04, 2014 / Comments / by Staff Writer
A mixture of old world charm and modern attractions, Ibadan has many attractions for the tourists and visitors on business. The main attraction of Ibadan is the whole city and its position within Yoruba culture and history. Of course, there are particular places to visit such as....

Gardens in Ibadan

Inside the Ibadan University, there is a Zoological Garden which attracts a horde of visitors regularly. There is a botanical garden called Agodi Gardens, which also is a tourist attraction . Trans Amusement Park is another park in Ibadan.


Oke Aàre (Aares Hill)

This hill is situated west of the Bower Memorial Tower and looks great when viewed from Bower Memorial Tower.


Museum of Ibadan

This is situated in the building of Institute of African Studies. There are many pre-historic statues and bronze carvings.


University of Ibadan

This is one of the leading educational institutions in Africa. It was set up in Nigeria in 1962, where Femi Osofisan, a great playwright and the Noble Laureate, Wole Soyinka, had taught for some time.


Bower Memorial Tower

Visible from all over the city, Bower memorial Tower, with distinctive architecture, is the highest point in Ibadan where tourists flock to enjoy an aesthetic view of all neighboring areas.


Institutes in Ibadan

There are many institutes in Ibadan visited by tourists. These are Forestry Research Institute of Nigeria, International Institute of Tropical Agriculture and Cocoa Research Institute of Nigeria.


Palace of the Olubadan is another place frequently visited by the tourists, and Mapo Hall is a landmark situated in the center of the city with historical importance. Ibadan Recreation Centre, Cultural Centre of Mokola and Liberty Stadium are other important places. Dugbe Market offers a nice shopping experience. The very first television station in Africa was built in Ibadan and book lovers have very good libraries to engage them.


Golf Clubs

Ibadan has two 18-hole large golf clubs, called the Ibadan Golf Club and The Barracks (and an exclusive IITA Golf Club as well).


Cocoa House

Those wishing to mix with the locals during their festivities should visit Cocoa House. Cocoa House also has a nice restaurant and a dance hall. Other places of note include Liberty Stadium for lovers of Sports, Ibadan Recreation Centre, Trans Amusement Park and Mapo Hall, a historical landmark in the heart of the City.

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Ibadan has a tropical wet and dry climate, with a lengthy wet season and relatively constant temperatures throughout the course of the year