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Hotel Weddings in Nigeria : 5 things every bride should know
Nov 04, 2014 / Comments / by Staff Writer
Wedding season is here. For many of us, that means it's time to dust off the dancin' shoes, check out those registries and clear room in the closet for that hideous bridesmaid's dress — but for a lucky (or unlucky) few, now's the time to be picking out invitations, scoping out florists, test- driving DJ's and showing off that blinding bling.

This week, we're are bringing you all the new need-to-know info about hotel weddings — tips, news and info about what goes down at hotels during this vow season — whether you're attending one or saying

your nuptials.


Look, we know there's a lot to consider when you're planning your wedding. There are certainly more than five things to take care of — but when we really step back and look at what it takes to plan a hotel wedding, five things really stand out to us.

Here are the top five things we think brides should know about planning a hotel wedding, which we've put together based on our work experience and own wedding planning experiences — start with these and, um, you're on the right track to making sure your wedding doesn't turn out like Bride Wars.


1. Read the contract. Thoroughly. Very, very thoroughly.

There is the (very strong) possibility that you're going to have a bajillion fees to consider here: from service charges for the hotel banquet waitstaff to extra charges for the house AV equipment.


2. Try to get a special rate for guests.

You will need to work with the Sales and Marketing team for a special rate for your guests at the hotel you've chosen — or at least a special rate for the wedding party. Try to do this four or six months prior to your wedding date. Secure a block of rooms as early as possible.


3. Know the house/hotel rules

This is big: some hotels have lists of approved vendors — florists, bands, DJ's, etc — that you have to pick from. Ask about that when you're scoping out the hotel. Also, make sure you ask how late the place will stay open for you — and is there somewhere else your guests can go post-reception to keep the party going? Lobby bar? Anywhere?


4. Who else is getting married that day?

Does the hotel have two banquet halls?

If not, may we suggest you take a look at the movie Bride Wars? We've heard horror stories about hotels running out of resources or planning out the timing poorly between a convention and a wedding or some such — don't let it happen to you.


Make sure you take a look at the contract to get a feel for the deposit schedule; some hotels will require a 50% deposit when you book the event space, and then the other 50% closer to the day of — others work a bit differently.


Got more or better tips for us? Send them our way and we'll share them.


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